Hello World

Hello Mamas and friends of Mamas! 

If you've somehow landed on this page, you obviously have a mama or mama-to-be in your life that you love and want to celebrate. You may already be a mama yourself. You may have even received one of our Gift Hampers.

Either way, welcome to my first blog post.  I am sitting here while expressing milk for my baby and wondering what it is I should even blog about. Do I even need a blog? - most digital marketing people will say yes I do. But if so, what should I blog about?

My own life and musings as a mother of two kids would probably be pretty ordinary, but in order to be authentic, I will share bits of my own life.

I will also share why I've created this business, why a gift hamper business that is for mothers only, what the values behind the business are and the reasons behind my product selection.

I particularly want to share some stories about the amazing Mamas in my own Mamas village. Those who have supported me throughout my own life, childhood, as an adult and now as a mother. 

This first blog is therefore a record of the commitment i'm making to this. Having a job in the corporate world, a family and this new side venture which I'm calling my 'passion project', I hope I can fit it all in to continue to engage through this medium. 


Love & Light to you all, 



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