What are the best gifts for a new Mother?

One of your best friends or co-workers has just had a baby.

Do you freak out and google ''what do new mothers need"? Or perhaps..."What's the latest cute, Instagram influencer inspired baby must-have"??

Or have you been there yourself, and know that all a new mother needs is a friendly visit for some adult conversation over a cup of tea and an offer to hold the baby while she has a long shower. 

If your'e a seasoned pro, or new to celebrating the spawn of your friends and loved ones, this list of best gifts for new mums will have you sorted.  

Baby-focused presents may come to mind when brainstorming gifts for new mums, but here’s the thing: Many mums often have enough onesies, dummies, towels and wraps to last them long after their baby shower is through.

Instead of an adorable gift for baby to wear or play with, consider giving your best friend, coworker or sister-in-law or any new mother you know a present that promotes rest, relaxation, and self-care.

Something practical and useful to help make this new world of motherhood a little less stressful.  You may also want to encourage your over-tired friend to kick back and relax, taking time to rejuvenate and regain a little bit of her old, pre-mama self.

This list is not in any particular order, but has been verified by many mamas.

1) Coffee vouchers at her favourite cafe

2) Dry shampoo for when she doesn't have time to wash her hair

3) A nice water bottle, - mama needs to stay hydrated

4) Breastfeeding/Lactation cookies

5) Warm socks for night feeds

6) Food delivery voucher for when she is too tired to cook

7) Healthy tasty snacks like bliss balls, nut bars, protein bars

8) Lip balm

9) A nice hand soap (she'll be going through it quickly with frequent hand washing)

9) A beautiful hand cream, to nourish her hands (see above) 

10) Postnatal Massage Voucher

11) iTunes voucher

12) Eye mask for sleeping during the day.

13) Hair bands or scrunchies as her hair will be up for the next year.

14) A Face mask

15) A luxurious shower gel, to treat herself to a few minutes of luxury everyday.

16) A keepsake baby book for her to paste pictures in and record milestones 

17) Newborn photography voucher

18) A lovely body scrub

19) Mums n bubs movie vouchers

20) Magazine subscriptions

21) A journal to write to their child in over the years

22) A very cosy dressing gown for midnight feeds and changes

23) A lovely teacup or coffee mug

24) Some lovely herbal tea

25) A wheat bag/heat pack to use in hospital or at home.

26) A bottle of hand sanitiser to pop in the baby bag.

27) A nice notebook and pen to jot down thoughts or to do lists in the middle of the night.

28) Eye cream, for tired eyes

29) A hair treatment, as new mothers lose a lot of hair after birth.

30) Postpartum sitz salts

Any one of the above, or a combination of the above thoughtful gifts will be greatly appreciated by any new mother.

Oh, and don't forget to offer to hold the baby while she showers. 

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