Why Dry Shampoo is a Must-Have for new Mamas

What’s a tell-tale sign of a new mum? Flat, greasy, haven’t-slept-in-days hair. 

Amongst all the motherhood advice told to mums, the most common one is to sleep when the baby sleeps, and another one often heard is to bathe at least as frequently as you bathe your little one. It’s this last one that feels the hardest to hold to, as naps are most welcome, anytime, anywhere, but for many mamas, squeezing in a daily (or even every other day) shower feels like a luxury that just can’t always happen. I remember in the early days, I had my neighbour come over and hold the baby so I could take a shower!

That’s why here at Mother Love Gift Co we wanted to find the perfect dry shampoo to include in our gift hamper collection. The challenge was finding an Australian made product, and made by a company that was in line with our own values of being all natural and cruelty free. 

Well, we found it, and we think it's pretty ace. It's made by the Ethical Brand Co who is a gorgeous team based in sunny Queensland and is called Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo

Not only does it come in a gorgeous pink non-aerosol can (it's biomass, so it doesn't eject harmful CFC's into the atmosphere) but it is vegan, organic and well, it does a damn fine job of making this working mama's hair look decent when I don't have time to wash it. 

You can add it to a Design your Own gift hamper or choose from the collection of gift boxes we have for pregnant mothers or new mothers. 

Whoever you are gifting for, she will be grateful for the 20 mins she can get back.. perhaps to fit in another nap instead of having to wash her hair! 

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