Why I created a gift hamper business for Mothers

Mother Love Gift Co was created to provide thoughtful gifts for mothers, at every stage of motherhood.

I found when pregnant, recovering after birth and as a new mum with a newborn that I needed to maintain a self-care ritual to help keep me sane. I needed some time to relax and re-charge to have the energy to care for my family by having first cared for myself. Now as a mother of two, taking time to care for myself is just as important.

Mothers often put themselves last, so any opportunity to have some much deserved me-time is truly a gift. 

I wanted to make it easier to celebrate mothers (in all forms). Gift hampers are common, but none focus solely on mothers. 

I wanted to curate thoughtful gifts that were useful, the products were beautiful to use and were non-toxic. 

Every stage of motherhood is magical and special, but also filled with hard work, tiredness, stress and sometimes even pain.

By understanding the unique needs of each motherhood journey, I have created a gift hamper collection for each stage of motherhood. Pregnant Mothers, New Mothers and Every Mother.  

Everything in a Mother Love Gift Co hamper is selected for its natural ingredients, and is cruelty free. Every company I partner with is Australian owned and sourced from local producers and small family businesses, (mostly run by women).

I want any mother who receives a gift hamper from us to feel incredibly special, to discover some wonderful Australian all-natural products and enjoy the tranquil time she spends while using them.

I want her to feel the love and be grateful for the gift she received, long after the box was opened. 

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